Special Pharmacy Services

Your health needs are unique. Trust them to the community pharmacy that delivers health services designed especially for you.

Many Health Mart pharmacies deliver specialized pharmacy services that offer you time-saving convenience and personalized care. Services vary by pharmacy; contact your local Health Mart to find out more about the services available in your area.

Many Health Mart pharmacies offer:


If your local Health Mart is a compounding pharmacy, your expert compounding pharmacists can mix patient-specific strengths, dosages and forms. A compounding pharmacy can help make medications easier to ingest, can change an ingredient to which a patient is allergic, or can create medications for patients whose drugs are no longer being produced by pharmaceutical companies.


A compounding pharmacy will also provide flavoring services, which can change the flavor of a medication to make it easier to take for children, patients with medical conditions or pets.

Pharmacy flu vaccinations and immunizations

Many Health Mart pharmacies offer in-pharmacy flu vaccinations and common immunizations. In-store clinics let you conveniently protect yourself and your family in flu season, prepare for a new school or job with mandatory vaccinations, get ready for overseas travel with recommended immunizations and more.

Diabetes care

Most Health Mart pharmacies include the Diabetes Life Center, a product area with a full selection of diabetes monitoring and management products. From test strips and glucose monitor kits, to lancets and insulin pumps, to vitamins, medications and diabetic foot care, the Diabetes Life Center is your one stop for diabetes products.

Home healthcare and durable medical equipment

Many Health Mart pharmacies feature a wide range of self-care and home healthcare products. Some Health Mart pharmacies also include sections devoted to the sale or rental of durable medical equipment such as wheelchairs and scooters, canes and walkers, hospital beds, seat lifts and more.

Convenience services

Many Health Mart pharmacies offer home delivery, mail delivery, automated refills by phone, online refills and other services to make pharmacies more convenient for you. Some pharmacies also offer refill reminders by email, phone and SMS text messaging. Services vary by pharmacy; contact your local Health Mart to learn what services are available where you live.