Prescriptions & Counseling

Filling prescriptions at a Health Mart pharmacy gives you convenience, personal support and access to the medications you need when you need them.

Chances are, you'll spend many hours of your life filling prescriptions at a pharmacy. Health Mart helps you get more out of your visit to the pharmacy — so you can get the most benefits from your medication therapy.

When you select Health Mart as the place for filling prescriptions, you'll benefit from:

  • Short wait times and prompt, personal, friendly customer service — Health Mart was recognized among the best in customer satisfaction in J.D. Power & Associates' 2011 National Pharmacy Study
  • Broad availability of brand and generic prescriptions, including the latest new generic drugs on the market
  • Personal counseling from an expert pharmacist, who can help you become successful with your medications and prevent negative interactions
  • Special pharmacy services such as compounding for complex therapies, flavoring for kids and medication packaging that helps you remember to take drugs as prescribed
  • Convenient services such as home delivery, mail delivery, phone and online refills, email and SMS refill reminders, and more. (Services vary by store; contact your local Health Mart to learn what's available in your location.)

Switch your prescription to a Health Mart pharmacy today! Find a store near you.