Insurance Plans and Co-Pays

Health Mart pharmacies honor nearly all prescription drug insurance plans, with the same co-pay as national chain pharmacies.

Filling your prescription at Health Mart using your prescription insurance coverage is simple and convenient. And when extra work is required to get a pre-approval for a medication, we’ll work with you and your prescription drug insurance plan to help you get the coverage you need.

All Health Mart pharmacies also accept Medicare Part D prescription drug insurance plans, and your Health Mart pharmacist can serve as a knowledgeable resource to answer questions you may have about choosing and managing a Part D plan. Learn more about Medicare coverage for medications and healthcare equipment.

We make it easy for you to transfer your prescription to your local Health Mart store, and we will work with you to ensure you don't miss a beat with your prescription drug insurance claims. Find a Health Mart store near you to get started today.